Revolutionize Your
Liquidity with AI

Maximize Your APYs with Our AILM Algorithm

Optimizing for APY: Elevating Beyond TVL Metrics

At Parallax Finance, we're reshaping the standard: our focus is on maximizing APY, not just growing TVL

APY over TVL

Focusing on returns, not just size

Capped Vaults

Tailored limits for optimal performance, powered by AILM

Efficient Sizing

Calculated vault sizes for maximum efficiency and returns

Community Gains

Ensuring higher APYs for every community member

Access with PLX

Stake PLX for entry into
high-performance vaults

Our focused and efficient liquidity management strategy is designed to elevate APYs for all participating liquidity providers

Liquidity Management with AILM

Maximize Your Profits

Continually optimizes liquidity provisioning strategies for maximum profitability in real-time market conditions using predictive analytics and dynamic adaption

Supercharge Your Earnings

Receive up to 20% more in PLX tokens on top of your liquidity provision rewards, a bonus made possible through the efficiency gains of our advanced AI strategies

Enhanced Range Optimization

Dynamically adjusts to market volatility for optimal liquidity concentration and mitigating impermanent loss

Intelligent Rebalancing & Auto-Compounding

Strategically rebalancing your positions and reinvesting your earnings for exponential growth, saving time and fees

Parallax is building a new primitive for AI powered liquidity management

Meet Hal 9000 — Our AILM engine, refined through reinforced learning from liquidity pool datasets within EVMs.

HAL 9000 is not just a tool but your intelligent partner in navigating the complexities of liquidity management.

Unique Proposition

First AI Liquidity Management Algo

Real-Time Optimization

Peak Capital Efficiency


Enhanced Cost Efficiency for Users and Partners

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Start optimizing your on-chain liquidity with Parallax’s AILM on Uniswap v3

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Audit & Security

Smart Contract Protection & Monitoring in Real-Time


Parallax combines Hacken Extractor with our thorough audit, enhancing our smart contract security. This advanced on-chain monitoring system continuously monitors the performance of our smart contracts in real-time, ensuring swift detection and alerts for any usual or suspicious activity.