Yield Strategies

Parallax provides liquidity infrastructure that empower individuals, DAOs, and other protocols to generate yield on Arbitrum.

Composable Yield Strategies

Networks Supported

  • arbitrum

Coming Soon

  • polygon
  • optimism
Composable Yield Strategies

Meet Our Core Products

Orbital - Yield Optimizer

Parallax utilizes an advanced auto-compounding function to generate higher returns for both LP tokens and stablecoins

Andromedea - Multivariant Yield

Choose from our Bluechip Arbitrum vaults or our Degen vaults or even become a strategist and make your own

Supernova - Powering LSDfi

Earn recursive yields on leveraged liquid staking derivatives by borrowing against your assets

Black Hole - Liquidity Marketplace

Our POL marketplace allows anyone to create Olympus-style bond markets and for any Arbitrum token pair

is Built For:


Earn optimized yield in our audited vaults


Parallax provides a suite of tools and features for treasury management


Become a strategist and earn a % of vault performance fees

How is Parallax
Finance different?

Composable Yield Strategies

Chain agnostic strategies

A meta-strategy hub that pools deposits from all chains utilizing economies of scale with maximum returns


No longer chain bound

Unlocks and grows liquidity for treasuries of partnering protocols


Community governance

Parallax-ors will govern the protocol, vote on proposals, and develop strategies


Transparency as core

Your wallet, your funds. Full transparency with any platform fees and dividends

Parallax strives for the highest standards of security:

Community audits - TBA