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    Parallax finance is an ALPHA product on mainnet. Make sure you understand what you are getting into.
    This wallet is not whitelisted.
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    We have updated our MIM3CRV-f vault on May 19, 2023, being made to improve based on the feedback from alpha testers.

    If you have funds in vault ver.1, please withdraw it from:

    and deposit it into the new vault ver.2:

    MIM3CRV-f vault

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      Curve pool: MIM (MIM/USDC/USDT)

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      Abracadabra Money SPELL pool: Sorbettiere (MIM3CRV-f LP)

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      • Weekly 0%
      Parallax fees Parallax fees
      • Platform Fee 0.05%
      • Performance fee 2%
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      The MIM3CRV-f vault deposits the user's assets into the 2pool (with USDC and USDT) receiving 2CRV as the receipt token. The strategy then deposits MIM and 2CRV into the pool and then receiving MIM3CRV-f tokens. These MIM3CRV-f tokens are then deposited into the farm on Abracadabra. It earns the $SPELL governance token. Earned $SPELL token is swapped for more of the underlying assets acquiring more of the same liquidity token. The compounding begins, where the newly obtained MIM2CRV LP is added to the farm/pool for the next compounding cycle.

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